Jocks Ice Cream & Sorbet | Six reasons to visit Albert Park – The Age
Jock's Ice Cream & Sorbet in Albert Park, Victoria sells classic and creative flavours in a low-key gelateria, with outdoor seats under a colourful awning.
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Six reasons to visit Albert Park – The Age

the age 6 reasons to visit

Six reasons to visit Albert Park – The Age

by Richard Cornish

NOVEMBER 21 2014

Jock Main makes great ice-cream and sorbet and changes his range to match the bounty of the seasons. In autumn he makes great quince ice-cream, over winter he may have one with prunes and Armagnac. At present he is serving a sorbet made with roasted pineapple and a delicious blueberry ripple ice-cream. Jock uses the best ingredients and on hot summer nights, families sit gather out the front enjoying ice-cold mango sorbets.

Jock’s Ice Cream, 83 Victoria Ave, Mon-Thu noon-9pm, Fri-Sun noon-11pm, 9686 3838